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A politically motivated quartet at the forefront of the jazz-metal underground featuring four of the most acclaimed musicians in the LA experimental music scene. Playing scorching instrumentals that touch on heavy metal and jazz, the music is uncompromising and intense, filled with precise rhythmic complexity and textural power. Their first release on Tzadik is an incendiary blockbuster and is destined to become an instant classic!

"Boxes be damned, classifying this as jazz- rock or jazz-metal is a waste of energy. It is simply what it is, which is great music... Marvelous."
—Jazz In Europe

"Reclamation is the middle ground between Bitches Brew and Bloodlet."

"It was big, it was badass, it was an impressive collection of identifiable SONGS, and it ended with a tide of heavy feedback and applause, the way it sure oughta."
—MetalJazz (live review)

"It’s like a musical diamond mine—the deeper you go, the more you find... No matter the political view or interpretation, though, one can find enjoyment in Reclamation, because at the core of this message is some of the LA’s best musicians (all virtuosos at their instruments) making music that pushes the boundaries of noise rock, free jazz and every genre in between into new and interesting places."
—Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"True to the stated purpose of Burning Ghosts, Reclamation is another piercing protest document without words. But regardless of what your politics might be, there’s much to relish here as long as you appreciate raw passion delivered through accomplished musicianship and a fearless attitude."
—Something Else Reviews

"Progressive anger can blast down some ugly walls, and Burning Ghosts' new recording shows how to do it without saying a word (or firing a shot)... This hard-jammin' quartet has jelled. Last year's debut raged with energy, but a span of seasoning and an appropriate alignment with John Zorn's avantist Tzadik label (Naked City, Secret Chiefs 3) have left the Ghosts focused and ready to dominate... Touched with Aylerlike churn and serene Coltranian confidence, "Reclamation" harks back to a time when revolution sprang directly from phonograph grooves into the hearts of millions. If you're wishing for this decade's most potent way of declaring "We're not gonna take it," look no further."
—MetalJazz (album review)

"The music spits fire and lightning, maintaining it's fast speed, regardless of the complexity of the music. The dynamics at play are powerful with the music moving from slow and ponderous to white hot and fast... This is heavy and dense music that is still able to retain a tenuous tie to the jazz tradition while blasting it relentlessly into the future."
—Music and More

"Reclamation captures some of LA’s most creative virtuosos pushing the boundaries between musical genres, in the tradition of metallic cross-over ensembles like Last Exit, Painkiller, and Simulacrum. For those interested in hearing what the left coast has to offer in these trying times, this bracing sophomore effort rewards multiple listens."
—Point of Departure

★★★★½ "Reclamation is Burning Ghosts second album and first for John Zorn's Tzadik label. Based in Los Angeles, the band's fire and brimstone-like overtures are seated in doom metal-jazz along with renegade fuzoid bop movements. The musicians dole out sheets of torrential soundwaves via fluently enacted unison runs and booming cadenzas that spark a tidal wave of fun factors on a recurring basis... Led by gifted trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom and nascent guitar hero Jake Vossler, the group's intense modus operandi tenders thrills per nanosecond. It's best if played loud to appreciate the quartet's gargantuan presence and resonating song-forms. Moreover, Rosenboom and Vossler's exchanges will most assuredly send tremors down your spine."
—All About Jazz

"Burning Ghosts, an L.A.-based fiery quartet that aims at today’s world injustices by verging on electric fusion genius to impress... Following the well-received self-titled debut album, released last year on the trumpeter’s label Orenda Records, Reclamation sets the bar even higher, captivating with a musical approach whose muscle, inspiration, intensity, and responsiveness have opened the doors of John Zorn’s record label, Tzadik... If you’re the adventurous type, Burning Ghosts will make you spin with the immense force of their underground volleys. I trust this band will have all the attention they deserve to keep protesting with this quality."

"Where to start with Burning Ghosts? Thematically, they’re one of the most politically conscious bands out there, with a keen mix of justice, outrage, and empathy. Trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, guitarist Jake Vossler, bassist Richard Giddens, and drummer Aaron McLendon are each insanely skilled. They’re self-described as jazz-metal, but their sound, especially on their sophomore album Reclamation, is filtered through a decidedly SoCal aesthetic: think Sunset Strip metal and glam meets San Pedro and Long Beach punk... Reclamation seems very much like a personal journey for each member, one that maps quite well onto the experience of the majority of Americans, as we enter into this most unbelieveable year of 2017. Everything is cacophonic, and weekly threats on freedom and safety amplify the collective emotional response. Sometimes, you need a loud, stomping, raucous outlet. And Reclamation delivers loud, stomping, raucous playing that ends appropriately with “Revolution,” 2:30 of note-perfect, head-banging joy."
—The Free Jazz Collective

★★★★½ "Neuroscientific research reveals that our music listening is most intense during the silences. This has not diverted Burning Ghosts from their primary mission to fill the known world with sound. The San Francisco band's second album sees them move to John Zorn's prestigious Tzadik label where trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom and his colleagues continue their explorations of sonic density – specifically the sort that coagulates when players from a jazz background indulge some bastard child of thrash metal. The dialogue between idioms is in constant play, whether in the ear-pummelling maelstroms dropping away to a pensive Richard Giddens double bass solo or perhaps an agitated soundscape, or in a trumpet solo scything through guitarist Jake Vossler's tempests and drummer Aaron McLendon's barrages. When they do let the music breathe it carries a calm-before-the-storm portentousness, and when they indulge in rests they are often sharp-edged and savage, as if someone has just sliced the music with a machete. Any nudge-and-wink pastiche element in their approach is dwarfed by four improvisers of towering imagination and calibre revelling in a little sonic brutality."
–Sydney Morning Herald


released June 30, 2017

Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpets
Jake Vossler - Guitars
Richard Giddens - Bass
Aaron McLendon - Drums

Produced by Daniel Rosenboom and Theo Karon
Executive Producer: John Zorn
Associate Producer: Kazunori Sugiyama

Tracks 1, 3, 5 composed by Daniel Rosenboom (ASCAP)
Tracks 4, 7, 9 composed by Daniel Rosenboom (ASCAP) and Jake Vossler (ASCAP)
Track 2 composed by Jake Vossler (ASCAP)
Tracks 6, 8 improvised by Burning Ghosts

Recording: Theo Karon at Kingsize Soundlabs, Los Angeles, CA, December 2016
Mixing: Theo Karon at Hotel Earth, Los Angeles, CA, January 2017
Pre-Mastering: Sam Minaie at Birdfood Studio, New York Ctiy
Mastering: Scott Hull

Album Artwork and Portraits by Eron Rauch
Design by Hueng-Hueng Chin

A Project of Hips Road
©(P) 2017 Tzadik, 200 E 10th Street, pmb 126, New York, NY 10003



Dan Rosenboom Los Angeles, California

Dan Rosenboom is a creative and prolific trumpet artist, composer, producer, Los Angeles studio musician, and founder of Orenda Records. Described as a “phenomenon” by the Los Angeles Times, he has been featured on major stages around the world, from Madison Square Garden to the Hammersmith Apollo and the Hollywood Bowl. ... more

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